The League of Women Voters of Oklahoma is a non-partisan political organization encouraging informed and active participation in government. It influences public policy through education and advocacy. The League of Women Voters Oklahoma does not support any political party or candidate.


   VOTER GUIDE 2020 



The 2020 OK Voter Guide proudly features Oklahoma City activist Clara Luper, who is an Oklahoma civil rights icon. Inside, read  about absentee ballot FAQs, suggested pros and cons of both state questions, educated voter information on candidates running for presidential, legislative, executive, and judicial branch positions.  Also included are important dates for the coming election. 




yes noTo view and listen to the Youtube link for the LWV Summit for Oklahoma State Questions 805 and 814, click here. The summit was moderated by Tulsa's Wayne Greene and featured opinions from Senator Kim David, Former Attorney General Drew Edmondson, Kelly Masters Newton of Palomar, and Sarah Edwards, the president of the Yes on 805 Campaign.



FAQ's for In-Person Voting


1) Can I still vote at the polls even though I requested an absentee ballot?  Yes, do NOT use your absentee ballot.  Go to your polling place, tell the poll worker you requested an absentee ballot but did not use it, sign an affidavit, and vote the ballot you are issued. 

2) How do I know if my polling place has changed? Go to the OK Voter Portal https://okvoterportal.okelections.us/  and enter your name and address to find your polling place.  Some polling places have changed due to Covid-19 restrictions or power outages. Call 405.286.9909 for assistance. 

3) Can I take notes or a sample ballot into the voting booth?  Yes, notes and a sample ballot are allowed. 

4) If there is a problem with my registration and I can’t vote a regular ballot, can I still vote?  Yes, by law you can request a provisional ballot. If the county election board can verify that you are a registered voter ​and have not already cast a ballot, your provisional ballot will be counted. 

5) What Covid-19 precautions should I take? 

    • Go to the polls at “off-peak” hours: mid-morning hours between 9:30 and 11:30 and mid-afternoon hours between 1:30 and 3:30 are often less busy. 
    • Wear a mask. 
    • Take your own blue or black pen. 
    • Practice social distancing. 

6) What if I see something at my polling place that concerns me? Call your County election board, our offices at 405-286-9909, or the ACLU of Oklahoma at 405-796-8683.  


Please view the video below for complete step by step instructions explaining how to correctly use mail in (absentee) ballots. 

 ----> Please remember to use TWO Forever Stamps when mailing the final envelope to your County Election Board!!!


On 8-28-20 Governor Stitt issued an executive order that allows absentee voters to verify their identify by attaching a copy of an approved State/Government issued identification card to their affidavit envelope in lieu of requiring their signature be notarized.  This provision is also allowed for incapacitated voters. Click here for specific details. 


Who is on the 2020 retention ballot?

A guide to help your vote for judge retentions is listed at CourtFacts.org/elections with questions such as What should I be looking for in voting for a judicial candidate? Court Facts says 'Equal access to justice and fairness are the foundation of our judicial system. In order to remain fair and unbiased, a judge makes decisions based on the law and not necessarily on what the popular decision is. If a judge were to make a decision in a case based upon what others thought the judge should do instead of basing the decision on the law, then the judge would not be fair or independent. Public pressure should not be a factor in a judge making a decision in a case. Fairness, independence, integrity and good work ethic are important factors in choosing a judge. 

 Go to www.CourtFacts.org/retentionballot to view Oklahoma's Judicial Candidates.


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